• Gather all tax documents.
  • If you are a new client, include :
    • Driver Lic info – State, Number, Issue date, and Expiration for yourself and spouse if filing jointly.
    • Social security #’s and Birthdates.
    • Copy of last years return if available
    • Checking or Savings account Routing/Transit and Account number if you wish refunds to be deposited directly and or if you wish to allow Fed and St to direct debit amount Due.


  • Phisically drop off to address on home page or mail to same
  • or Upload to the site using Menu item “Documents”
  • or Arrange get together over the phone found on Home page


  • We will review all documents and prepare return
  • If questions we will contact you via Phone and or Email.
  • When ready we will contact you via Phone or Email with the results and arrange for Delivery.

Your Review

  • Validate Name(s), address, SS#’s and Checking/Savings accounts if used

To be signed

  • You will be required to sign the  forms both yourself and spouse if filing jointly
  • Forms:
    • 8879 Electronic filing
    • Engagement letter
    • Checking/Saving numbers used


  • Pickup at Address on home page – call to set up an time.
  • or Receive via Email in PDF form with passwords
  • or request Mail delivery
Processing your Return